TeslaCam, Tesla’s integrated dashcam feature using an Autopilot camera, has helped in the arrest of a maniac who shot a moving Model Y.

The incident was caught perfectly in a very impressive video embedded below.

Tesla has two features that utilize the eight cameras around its vehicles, which are primarily used for its Autopilot and Full Self-Driving features.

The first one is TeslaCam, which functions as an always-on dashcam feature, and the second one is Sentry Mode, which functions as a smart alarm system that records while the vehicle is parked.

Those features have helped police make several arrests, especially in cases of thefts and vandalism.

Today, we have another example that is on the more extreme side of the criminal spectrum when it comes to car-related crimes.

A video captured by TeslaCam has helped the police lead to the arrest of a man suspected of a drive-by shooting on the I-5 highway in California.

On June 29, a motorist in a Tesla Model Y passed a Nissan Rogue on the highway, and the driver of the Nissan shot a projectile at the electric SUV, breaking the side passenger window.

TeslaCam captured the entire incident, and the side-repeater camera even clearly showed the suspect pointing a weapon at the Tesla and the projectile hitting the side window:

On Wednesday, the California Highway Patrol confirmed that they were able to identify the suspect thanks to the TeslaCam video.

They arrested him on Wednesday and found homemade contraptions used to shoot projectiles, like the one used in the video above.

Here’s the statement from the California Highway Patrol Valley Division:

“On June 29, 2021, at approximately 8:00 am, a motorist was driving his Tesla Model Y on southbound Interstate 5 near Cosumnes River Boulevard when his right rear window suddenly broke. The motorist drove to work and viewed the camera footage from the Tesla. The motorist was able to view a male driving a Nissan Rogue pull along his right side, raise some type of projectile, then continue driving southbound Interstate 5. Officers from the South Sacramento CHP Area responded and upon further review of the video, a firearm was ruled out as the weapon involved. Further analysis of the video took place and a suspect was identified. On July 7, 2021, at approximately 7 am, Investigators from the Valley Division Investigative Services Unit (ISU) along with Officers from the South Sacramento Area, served a search warrant on a Nissan Rogue SUV parked near the address of 4916 Don Julio Boulevard in the North Sacramento Area. They encountered the suspect, 42-year-old Jose Eliseo Capacho Bonilla, sleeping within the vehicle. A search of the vehicle revealed two types of homemade contraptions used for shooting projectiles. Also discovered were numerous BBs and 10 to 11 golf ball/marble sized rocks which had been shaped down into round balls. Damage was located within the vehicle consistent with projectiles being shot out of the vehicle. Bonilla was arrested and charged with Felony Vandalism, Felony Assault with a Deadly Weapon, and Felony Throwing a Substance at a Vehicle/Occupant. Investigators believe Bonilla may have been responsible for similar incidents on local freeways and additional counts may be recommended.”

Interestingly, TeslaCam was also used by the police, this time in southern California, just a month ago in another arrest related to someone shooting moving vehicles.

Watch out, drive-by shooters, TeslaCam is on the case.

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