Satellite images have shown the devastation caused by deadly wildfires raging across southern Turkey.

Homes have been burned down and people have been forced to flee villages and beach resorts.

At least four people have been killed, including an 82-year-old man and a married couple.

A volunteer firefighter who was taking drinking water to his colleagues was involved in a motorcycle crash and died in the fire.

More than 50 others have been taken to hospital.

Some of the wildfires broke out amid strong winds and scorching heat.

While dozens of fires have now been brought under control, firefighters are continuing to work in 14 locations across six provinces.

Azerbaijan has announced that it is sending hundreds of emergency responders to help with the effort, alongside helicopters and specialist equipment.

Russia and Ukraine have also sent planes to help tackle the fires from the skies, with neighbouring Greece offering its assistance.

A senior aide of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said “those responsible will have to account for the attacks against nature and forests”.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Marmaris has warned that he couldn’t rule out “sabotage” as being the cause of a fire at one resort.

Wildfires are common in Turkey’s Mediterranean and Aegean regions during the dry summer months, although some have previously been blamed on arson or outlawed Kurdish militants.

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