Tesla finally starts taking Model S and Model X orders in Europe again


Tesla has finally started taking Model S and Model X orders in Europe again after closing them last year due to a slower than anticipated production ramp following the design refresh.

The automaker shut down Model S and Model X production in January 2021 to update its two flagship vehicles.

Europe has been starved of those models since then – coming up on two years now.

Tesla kept taking new orders, but production was delayed with the new refreshed Model S starting to be delivered in June 2021 and the updated Model X in October 2021.

With the production ramp being slow, Tesla took the rare decision to stop taking orders outside of North America starting in December 2021.

At the time, the company said that the new Model S and Model X would likely arrive in Europe during the second half of 2022 – almost two years after unveiling the refresh and stopping production of the vehicles.

Now Tesla has reopened Model S and Model X orders in Europe starting with the Plaid version:

Deliveries for new orders are shown to start between December 2022 and February 2023.

This would indicate that for the Plaid, Tesla plans to work through its backlog accumulated up to December 2021 by the end of the year and then start delivering new orders.

For the Model S Long Range, Tesla has not yet reopened new orders in Europe and lists the version as “available in 2023.”

It’s the same thing with the Model X – only the Plaid is available under the same timeline:

Electrek’s Take

This points to European deliveries of the new Model S and Model X being imminent. I would argue that it also points to Tesla getting a handle on Model S/X production since introducing European deliveries again is going to put more stress on the timelines in North America, which were already long.

Model S/X production has been slowly increasing since restarting production last year with Tesla producing 8,941 units in Q3 2021, 13,109 units in Q4 2021, 14,218 units in Q1 2022, and 16,411 last quarter.

Tesla is aiming to ramp back up to around 25,000 Model S/X vehicles per quarter once it delivers to all its markets.

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