The Sims 4 has added a selection of inclusive upgrades including hearing aids, top surgery scars and shapewear in their latest update.

One of the best-selling video games of all time, The Sims allows players to recreate the lives of virtual people living in a suburban neighbourhood. It was first released in 2000.

The game, which is constantly changing and evolving, now allows players to create both disabled and transgender characters, as well as select new items of clothing including chest binders.

When creating a Sim, players can now select medical wearables, including hearing aids available in 15 different colours which can be worn on either or both ears, by any character including toddlers.

Glucose monitors are also available for Sims from child age and can be added to either arm or the lower abdomen.

Representing transgender characters, teen and older male Sims can add top surgery scars to their characters. Top surgery scars are horizontal lines of scar tissue left after female to male top surgery.

Teen and older Sims can also select binders, which flatten the breasts, and bottom shapewear for their characters too.

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Transgender and disabled fans were quick to praise the game for its inclusivity, with Simmer T_Sizzler writing: “Finally able to give our transmasculine and nonbinary Sims top surgery scars. I love the realism. @TheSims, you have no idea how many people you just helped by being able to see themselves in this game. Imagine all the in the closet trans kids who see this update.”

Deaf player @LuddySimmer wrote: “Never thought one day I could represent myself in The Sims but I’m glad it’s here.”

While @Parkingjm wrote: “I actually want to cry about the sims update including blood glucose monitors just like I have.”

The latest update, issued on 31 January, introduced the new options along with console and navigation improvements and a few bug fixes.

In 2016, players were given the option to add both masculine and feminine traits regardless of gender.

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And from last year, players could choose their Sim’s sexual orientation and pronoun.

The Sims has been free to play since late last year.

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