PM secures new post-Brexit deal with EU on Northern Ireland: Five key sections of the text | Sam Coates


Rishi Sunak has negotiated a deal on Northern Ireland and Brexit which his predecessors Liz Truss, Boris Johnson and Theresa May could not have secured.

Having convinced the EU figures he was a serious prime minister they do business with, Mr Sunak has produced a deal that has already turned the heads and won the support of several leading Brexiteers.

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Here are the five key sections of the text. The areas highlighted in yellow show exactly why they matter.

A fundamental truth remains, however.

Yes, Westminster will take back control of tax and subsidy rates in Northern Ireland.

Yes, there will be fewer checks on goods going from the mainland to Northern Ireland and yes, it appears Northern Ireland politicians will be able to block new EU rules.

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However, Northern Ireland will remain in parts of the single market, ultimately overseen by EU judges.

This is the consequence of the deal that Boris Johnson struck in 2019, and cannot change.

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PM hails ‘decisive breakthrough’

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What is the Northern Ireland Protocol?
What are the DUP’s seven tests?

It is now for politicians of all stripes to decide what they can accept, and how far the deal goes to satisfying their whims.

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The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) must now decide its approach.

Key MPs will make up their mind. The EU will watch whether Mr Sunak pulls his protocol bill.

It only takes 37 Tories to make Mr Sunak’s life hellish by voting with the opposition.

Has he done enough to stop that happening?

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