The world’s most powerful wind turbine has set a world record


The world’s most powerful wind turbine has broken a world record for the most power produced by a single turbine over a 24-hour period.

Danish wind giant Vestas’s V236-15.0 MW prototype produced 363 megawatt-hours of power in a 24-hour period.

Vestas installed the 15 megawatt (MW) offshore wind turbine at the Østerild National test center for large wind turbines in Western Jutland, Denmark, in December 2022, where it’s been tested and verified extensively. It reached its full 15 MW power rating for the first time in April.

Jesper Uth, senior director of test & validation at Vestas, said on LinkedIn, “Seven months into testing, we are excited to see the performance of the turbine at full power at continuously high wind. The verification campaign will continue to achieve the type certification and further demonstrate what a high-quality machine can deliver over time.”

The V236-15.0 MW was introduced to the market in February 2021. It has a rotor diameter of 774 feet (236 meters) and a wind-swept area of 470,845 square feet (43,743 square meters). It features 379-foot (115.5-meter) blades. And at 919 feet (280 meters), it’s also the world’s tallest wind turbine.

A single V236-15.0 MW is capable of producing 80 GWh per year. That’s enough to power around 20,000 European households and save more than 38,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, the equivalent of removing 25,000 passenger cars from the road annually.

The world’s most powerful wind turbine has been selected for New York’s Empire Wind 1 and Empire Wind 2 offshore wind projects, which are expected to deliver power in the mid-2020s, and New Jersey’s Atlantic Shores, which is expected to come online in 2027.

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Photo: Vestas

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