Watt Electric Vehicle Company (WEVC) launches new ‘off the shelf’ performance EV platform


Watt Electric Vehicle Company (WEVC) has unveiled a new lightweight modular EV architecture to build several low—to medium-volume vehicle designs, such as sports coupes, off-road buggies, and rideshare vehicles.

Watt Electric Vehicle Company is a UK-based EV startup focused on developing and delivering ground-up EVs built using sustainable and recyclable materials and processes.

That ethos began with the flagship eCV1 van. With it, Watt Electric Vehicle Company intends to deliver both cost and CO2 savings throughout the entire life cycle of its commercial EVs, which it expects to last 20+ years compared to the average 5-7 years for other vehicles.

Through this sustainable design process, WEVC hopes to achieve a closed-loop production program one day. Joining the upcoming eCV1 vans is a new platform architecture Watt Electric Vehicle Company hopes can be used to provide easier electrification to other OEMs and build its own branded models atop it.

Watt Electric
Source: WEVC

Watt Electric Vehicle Co. lays blueprint for future EVs

Per details from WEVC shared earlier today, its new all-electric architecture was designed as a cost-effective, “off-the-shelf” platform solution third parties can use to create their models atop.

The nucleus of this new modular architecture is Watt Electric Vehicle Company’s proprietary Passenger And Commercial EV Skateboard (PACES), which enables new models to be tailored precisely to customer specifications while still complying with the latest industry safety standards (ISO regulations and European Small Series Type Approval).

WEVC describes PACES as an adaptable bonded aluminum platform that can be modified to almost any size or shape of low-volume passenger EV. The platform supports FWD, RWD, and AWD powertrain configurations and utilizes an assembly technique called FlexTech that interlocks and bonds flat, laser-cut pieces together, as opposed to complex and expensive corner castings used in large-volume aluminum skateboard platforms.

Per WEVC, the result is a modular EV architecture that is flexible, scalable, lightweight, and cost-effective. Per Watt Electric Vehicle Company CEO, Neil Yates:

This cutting edge, modular platform has been specifically designed for low volume manufacture, a  blank sheet of paper providing the best possible structural and dynamic starting point for almost any future high-performance EV, whether a featherweight rear-drive roadster, luxurious coupe or off-road buggy. It also comes fully supported by our leading UK-based EV technology supply chain and, of course, WEVC’s in-house design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities.

We are experiencing surging global demand from customers keen to launch bespoke electric passenger vehicles – and our unique, proprietary offering enables brands to make the EV transition quickly, cost-effectively and with optimized technology, resulting in a product tailored exactly to their needs.

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