Russell Brand accuser claims BBC car took her from school to star’s house – as Downing Street weighs in


One of Russell Brand’s accusers has claimed a BBC car took her from school to the star’s house when she was 16 years old.

“Alice” told BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour the alleged abusive relationship left her feeling “cheap and dirtied”.

She went on to say Brand’s denial of the accusations was “insulting”.

“It is laughable that he would even imply that it’s a mainstream media conspiracy. He’s not outside of mainstream media,” she said.

She said she would like to know why more was not done by the corporation at the time of their relationship in 2006, saying: “He had a very well-known record of doing things that were inappropriate on the air, he had inappropriate conversations.”

She said she does not think Brand was being held to the same standards as other BBC presenters or newsreaders, adding: “There were exceptions and allowances made for him and we need to ask ourselves why.”

The BBC has confirmed it is “urgently looking into the issues raised”.

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The woman claimed she met Brand when he was 30 and he worked as a presenter on Radio 2.

Describing her alleged abusive relationship with Brand, she said: “I felt used up, I felt cheap, I felt dirtied by the whole thing.”

She said she was struggling with mental health issues and recovering from an eating disorder at the time, all of which contributed to her failing to finish her A-levels.

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Fans react to Russell Brand allegations

The Sunday Times says in 2020 Alice contacted Brand’s literary agent at the time, who was also the co-founder of talent agency Tavistock Wood.

A spokesperson for the agency said Brand “categorically and vehemently denied the allegations” at the time but they now believe they were “horribly misled” and have terminated all professional ties with the comedian.

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What are the allegations against Russell Brand?

More women come forward after accusations

Multiple allegations of rape and sexual assault were made against Brand following a joint investigation between Channel 4, The Times and The Sunday Times.

Since publication, The Times said it had been contacted by “several women” with claims about Brand, but said their allegations have not yet been investigated and “will now be rigorously checked”.

Brand, 48, vehemently denies the allegations. and claimed in a video posted online on Friday night that all of his relationships have been “consensual”.

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