Rivian R1T transformed into an Apocalypse-ready 850 HP off-road beast


Championed as the Apocalypse Nirvana, this Rivian R1T has been converted into an all-electric off-road beast. With 850 HP and a complete Kevlar paint job, the Nirvana looks ready to tackle any terrain.

“This is a badass truck, it’s time it looks and acts like one,” said Joseph Ghattas, founder and CEO of Apocalypse Manufacturing and its sister company, SoFlo Customs.

The Rivian R1T is already an “adventure vehicle” with 14.9″ of ground clearance the ability to drive through 3 feet of water and rock crawl a 100% grade. All with the acceleration and handling of a sports car.

Meanwhile, Apocalypse Manufacturing took the Rivian R1T and converted it into a high-tech, all-electric beast.

Apocalypse is known for creating custom off-road vehicles, including Jeep, Ford Bronco, and Ram Trucks, but this is their most ambitious project to date.

This is the first time the company has worked with a Rivian vehicle. The Nirvana is a true off-road warrior, boasting 850 HP, 11,000 lbs of towing, and a 0 to 60 mph in just three seconds.

Apocalypse decks out Rivian R1T for off-roading

The electric truck features a fully custom, handcrafted body design with a full Kevlar paint job to protect it from the elements (which also would come in handy during an Apocolypse).

It includes a custom computer-controlled suspension and torque vectoring for improved traction, stability, and cornering.

The custom Rivian R1T from Apocalypse features 38″x 15.5″ tires mounted on 20″x 12″ SFJ wheels, a hand-made roll cage and sidesteps, and front and rear skid plates for added protection.

The interior features Rivian’s modern touch with large landscape-style screens and an added rear HVAC touchscreen.

At 81″ tall, 91″ wide, and 214″ long, the Nirvana sits taller than the Rivian R1T by 3″, is wider by 12″, and is slightly more compact at 217″ length.

Ghattas said he had “apprehensions” about tackling the project but “fell in love with the vehicle” when he sat behind the steering wheel.

He added

It’s fast, with raging power and teeth-clenching torque, so really, I wanted to give it the look it deserved to match the powerplant. Make it big, with a lift that works with the original equipment provided, so that’s what we did and I feel this vehicle represents our dedication to redefining the concept of luxury off-road super trucks.

You can learn more about Apocalypse manufacturing and the custom Rivian “Nirvana” EV by visiting their website.

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