Experience Yolaness’ SAPY1600 Portable Power Station, 280W Foldable Solar Panel


For $629, the Yolaness SAPY1600 is a decent portable power station with the right mixture of value and function. With a tight switching time, simultaneous AC and DC output between 12 ports and simple design, this is the power pack for the penny pincher in all of us. With additional coupon codes, and a compatible 280w solar panel, now is the time to venture into portable power.

At the heart of this power-packed duo lies the Yolaness SAPY1600 Portable Power Station incorporating of LiFePO4 battery chemistry. This provides a robust 3500+ cycle life, serving as a long-term investment in reliable energy. In terms of raw power, the SAPY1600 consistently delivers 1600W, making it a versatile powerhouse capable of running a wide range of appliances.

Yolaness Power station

Equipped with a sophisticated Battery Management System, the SAPY1600 auto-regulates  charge and discharge to ensure optimal performance through the years. With a UPS switchover time certified at less than 20ms, the SAPY1600 ensures the uninterrupted operation of vital electronics, such as CPAP machines. 

Now, let’s talk recharge – the SAPY1600 offers three methods: solar panels, a wall outlet, and DC input. The fastest input comes from a regular AC outlet, which will recharge from 0% to 100% in just 2.5 hours. The most fun comes from the sun, as the 280w solar panel makes any camping or outdoor trip an input source, recharging the pack passively. As another source, the SAPY1600 can recharge from a low voltage DC input (such as a car cigarette lighter), which can recharge during long roadtrips. 

Yolaness Power station

Using pass-through technology, the Yolaness SAPY1600 station can power up to 12 devices simultaneously while recharging the SAPY 1600 itself. From high-output lights to professional tools like drills, this power station is your go-to solution for both outdoor adventures and everyday power needs.

Yolaness Power station

Now, let’s shed some light on the Yolaness 280W Foldable Solar Panel. With a conversion rate of ≥22.5%, this $299 solar panel is just as user friendly as the SAPY1600 itself. The MC4 connectors add a layer of versatility, seamlessly integrating with various solar power systems and accessories. A simple one-way plug into the panel, and a simple one-way plug into the Yolaness power station, and you’re done. From there, the integrated tilting and folding rear stands are used to maximize the saturation. Looking at the process in reverse, the foldable solar panel easily fits into camping, traveling, or showing off for the neighbors. 

Yolaness Power station

Use code “Electrek” to save 10% off your Yolaness purchase through the 30th of this month. Added to the existing price, this could score you a $566 SAPY1600 power station and a $269 280w solar panel. Thank to Yolaness Power for sponsoring Electrek!

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