Drone company DJI unveils new electric bike brand Amflow


After teasing the launch of its first two-wheeled product, the drone and camera powerhouse DJI has now unveiled an electric mountain bike under the Amflow brand. Take a look at the new Amflow PL, powered by DJI’s own new drive system.

Amflow is described as a new electric mountain bike brand incubated by DJI and is responsible for the eMTB’s ultra-light carbon fiber frame design.

The e-bike’s motor is all DJI. As the company explained, “DJI’s long history of R&D in motor, battery technology, and software development drove the creation of the DJI Avinox Drive System, which powerfully combines torque, battery capacity, 2-inch OLED touchscreen, remote controls, and a charger/supercharger.”

According to the company, the motor system includes a compound planetary gearset that helps it provide its “industry-leading power-to-size ratio.”

The 600 Wh battery is quite svelte, too, weighing just 2.9 kg (6.3 lb), with the entire bike tipping the scales at a lightweight 19.2 kg (42 lb). Sure, that’d be a chunky normal mountain bike, but it’s quite an easy lift for an eMTB.

An 800 Wh battery is also available, as is a 500W fast charger that can send the bike from 0-75% charge level in just 1.5 hours.

That DJI Avinox mid-drive motor is said to output 850W of peak power in standard riding modes and up to 1,000W in Boost Mode (despite the cute little sticker reading “250W”). Perhaps even more impressive though is the torque. The Avinox is said to provide 105 Nm of torque that jumps up to 120 Nm of torque in Boost Mode.

Among other ride modes is Auto Mode, that adapts assistance in real-time based on surface conditions and riding position.

“As engineers with a passion for mountain biking, we have seen a lot of tech innovation that has never found its way into the eMTB scene,” said Peter Archer, Amflow Senior Product Specialist at Amflow. “We have married our tech expertise with our passion and today we’re introducing Amflow to the mountain biking community with our very first product, the Amflow PL. We believe this is a significant moment for the eMTB industry with innovative technology and ultra-light material combining to turn any terrain into a wonderland of possibilities for eMTB riders.”

The Avinox drive system uses a 2-inch OLED full-color control built-in touchscreen display that also functions as the interactive center of the system. Riders can connect their smartphones via the Avinox app to access a range of smart features, including bike security, data recording and sharing, assist parameter adjustments, and real-time bike status checking. The system is tech savvy enough to include “innovative dual Wireless Controllers with Bluetooth connectivity for added convenience and a clutter-free handlebar setup.”

As much as we’ve learned about DJI’s new motor system, we still don’t know much about the bike itself, other than that it apparently has a super lightweight carbon fiber frame.

With any luck, we’ll learn more about the bike’s details soon. But suffice it to say that DJI has come out swinging with its first e-bike drive system, ready to shake up the status quo that typically sees German mid-drive motors on high-end bikes competing against Chinese mid-drives on more affordable options. With DJI’s design prowess, Chinese mid-drives might be heading for higher end e-bikes near you.

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